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Access genotype data files

Successful applicants can access genotype data files on the FTP server using their assigned username and password. The FTP server address, username, and password will be sent upon application approval.

Ancillary Project Proposal Application

If you are interested in applying for genotype data access please download the GEM_Project_Proposal_Form_for_Ancillary_Studies_2020.

This form is to be used to propose ancillary projects that will take advantage of the data and biological material that may be available through the recruitment efforts of the GEM Project. These proposals can be focused on the entire cohort of healthy First Degree Relatives (FDR) of patients with Crohn’s disease, but not on the evolving nested cohort of those individuals developing Crohn’s disease.

The intention of this RFP is to encourage submissions from researchers that will be able to take advantage of the information and material already collected from this large cohort of healthy FDR.

All fields must be filled out in order for the application to be considered.


All submissions will be reviewed by the GEM Project Operating Committee to ensure that the requested samples/data will not interfere in any way with the intended GEM Project analysis of the nested cohort as per the original GEM Project Study Design and is not a duplication of analysis already ongoing. Those proposals meeting this evaluation will be distributed to all members of the GEM Project Steering Committee (GPSC) for review and open discussion. This review will focus on the global scientific merit of the proposal. This review will assess the basic scientific merit and the availability of requested samples and data, ensuring there is no compromise of the original intent of the GEM project. It would be of value to contact a member of the Steering Committee who could help sponsor your application. Those projects achieving MAJORITY vote of approval at the GPSC will be informed that the GEM Project will provide a letter of support stating that the requested samples or data will be made available to the applicants once the applicant receives funding from a granting agency that applies an independent peer review process to the proposal. The criteria to be used for review of all submissions will include the “scientific relevance” of the proposal and the judged availability of biological material requested. The budget to be requested from a funding agency, must allow for any expenses in processing samples or in setting up the appropriate queries of the database. The intent is to allow sufficient time for applicants to consider submission for funding opportunities.

Successful applicants are required to provide final versions of their funding proposals in order to ensure that the application is consistent with its initial approval. Upon receipt of this funding application, the GEM Project Steering Committee will provide a letter of support. All submissions will be asked to include funding for the GEM Project to cover any costs related to the provision of requested samples and data.

Please submit a completed ancillary project proposal application to Williams Turpin.